What to Wear Trip to Zhangjiajie

Millions of tourists from around the world descend upon Zhangjiajie each year for its variety of attractions, local culture, food, and unmistakable charm. Planning on paying a visit soon? Then you best plan on wearing accordingly. This means blending in and looking like a true Zhangjiajier in whatever month you may be visiting.


January is the coldest month. A down jacket or a fur coat as well as gloves, a hat and a scarf are needed to keep warm.


It has snow and rain sometimes on this month. Bring an overcoat and a sweater to keep warm, as the air is also a little humid.


You can still see snow and icicle on the top of mountain sometimes, so bring warm clothing, such as a coat with a thick woolen sweater. March marks the transition period from winter to spring, and temperature differences between day and night are large, so wear layers accordingly.


This month is an ideal time for traveling in zhangjiajie. Since it is much warmer, spring clothing, such as a thin sweatshirt is adequate. The days are clear and sunny, so bring a hat and sun glasses.


Peak season for tourism, many people come for sightseeing. The temperature varies greatly between day and night. It has lowest temperature of 15 ℃ and highest of 30 ℃. Generally, a T-shirt and long trousers are enough during the day, with a light jacket for the evenings. It begins to rain more in May.


Rainy month of Zhangjiajie. During the daytime, summer clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, and skirts are suitable. In the evening, wear long sleeves and trousers to stay warm in the cooler weather.


Another rainy month. Summer clothing is adequate during the month, but bring long sleeved clothing if you plan to stay overnight in the reserve.


Summer clothing is enough. If you want to go rafting on the river, bring a swimming costume. The sun is hot so wear sunglasses and a hat.


Summer clothing is fine for daytime but bring long sleeves and trousers to wear during the evenings. The rainy season is over and the month sees less rain and the weather is clearer.


Usually a thin sweater and a light jacket are adequate. Also bring a thicker cardigan or a coat for the morning and evenings. It rains less and the weather is a little dry, the sky is clear, and the air crisp.


In the beginning of the month autumn clothing is adequate, but towards the end bring winter clothing, such as sweaters and a down coat. Since it also rains less and the weather is dry, have soothing moisturizer on hand.


Bring a down jacket or a fur coat to keep warm, windy days are even colder. There is little rain so the weather is rather dry.

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