13 Tips for Traveling Zhangjiajie

If you're visiting Zhangjiajie China for the first time, here are some top tips to make your first trip safe, easy and, most of all, fun!


Keep abreast of the latest weather information, and make appropriate preparations. This is the first thing to consider before traveling to Zhangjiajie. Though Zhangjiajie has no freezing winter and broiling summer, the best time traveling to Zhangjiajie is April and October. Temperature of Zhangjiajie in April and October is about 20℃ which is very comfortable. Besides, the most beautiful Zhangjiajie can be seen in the 2 months. 


The peak season in Zhangjiajie is International Workers' Day Holiday (May 1-3), National Day Holiday (October 1-7) and Spring Festival Holiday (1 week in January or February). As soon as the holidays come, all prices for hotel, dining, transportation and tickets will rise to 50% - 100% or more. During these periods, it is hard to book hotels, so we advise you to avoid such periods. And it is advisable to make your reservations as early as possible if you want to visit Zhangjiajie in these periods.


Temperature on mountains (above 1200 meters) will be about 3 - 5℃ lower than the mountain food areas. Tourists should take a coat along when climbing mountains in Zhangjiajie. If it is rainy, you'd better call off the itinerary, as the steps/paths become slippery and there will be heavy fog on the mountain top. If it is rainy, you will see nothing. The best time to climb the mountain and get a nice view is one or two hours after the rain. 


Those who have asthma, high blood pressure, heart problems or other health conditions should bring along enough medicine and water in case of emergency. Don't travel alone. Those to whom mountain climbing presents a serious health risk are recommended to take the cable cars and sedan chairs.


Bring water and snacks up the mountains. There are both available along the trails as well as at some peaks, but they are monstrously expensive.


Watch your footing when climbing the steps and be mindful of your safety when taking photos. Stop walking if you want to look at scenery or take photos.


There is no smoking allowed on the mountains, except in the smoking areas.


If there is a storm, please do not climb to the summits or stand under trees which may be struck by lightning.


Use a raincoat for protection from the wind and rain. Don't use an umbrella as it can be an inconvenience or even a hazard.


Please keep away from monkeys on the mountains. Don't bring out food in front of them.


The local tour guides are familiar with Zhangjiajie, both the good points and the risks, so tourists should follow tour guides' suggestions and instructions. Don't ignore good advice, or else problems and accidents may occur.


Zhangjiajie rainy month is in July. During this month, drifting is not available from time to time. Those who want to do drifting must have a clear consultation before their trips. 


In the winter months (December, January, and February) of Zhangjiajie, the snowscape in the mountains looks very beautiful. The prices for hotel, dining, transport and tickets are cut down. It is a good season to visit Zhangjiajie for shutterbugs.

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