Zhangjiajie Interesting Facts

History of Zhangjiajie

Human beings lived here along both banks of the Lishui River, now within the boundaries of Zhangjiajie city, very early during the Stone Age. The history of civilization in this region dates back to 100,000 years ago, rivaling such famous cities as Xi'an, Beijing, Luoyang and others.  In 1986, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ...

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Geography of Zhangjiajie

The geological formation of Zhangjiajie belongs to the New Cathaysian tectonic system. About three billion and eight thousand years ago, the area was a large patch of ocean. After a series of geological changes, including Wuling-Xuefeng, Indo-China, Yanshan, Himalayan and Geotectonic movements, the bottom of the ocean rose through the s ...

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