Mutianyu Great Wall

Located in Huairou County, Mutianyu Great Wall is 73 kilometers away from Beijing City. It links with Juyongguan Pass Great Wall in Changping County in the west and Gubeikou Great Wall in Miyun County in east. Commanding the strategic importance, Mutianyu Great Wall is called as the Majestic Pass on Precipitous Mountains. It is integrated with Juyongguan Pass Great Wall and Frontier Fort, and constitutes a complete defensive system. It is one of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall Autumn Beijing

Mutianyu Great Wall in Autumn

Due to its relative gentle terrain, watchtowers of Mutianyu Great Wall built in large numbers to strengthen its defensive functions. The closest watchtowers spaced less than 50 meters apart. Both arms of Mutianyu Great Wall stretch upwards along the ridges of continuous mountains. Mainly built on precipitous mountains and 5-7 meters high, the Mutianyu Section we see today is expanded on the foundation of Ming Dynasty Great Wall. It is characterized with a thick cluster of watchtowers atop, strategic passes, majestic vigor and unique structure. The gate tower is the most unique building of Mutianyu Great Wall. 

Mutianyu Great Wall Snow

Mutianyu Great Wall in Snow

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