Mount Emei

At an elevation of 3,099, the Mount Emei is located 165 kilometers from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, draws the most attention for its 154-kilometer spread, attracting tourists since the ancient times with phenomenal views all the year round. 

Mount Emei is known as one of the four primary shrine mountains of Buddhism in China and the famous national parks, situated 7 kilometers southwest of Emeishan City, Sichuan Province. The mountain stretches out for 23 kilometers from south to north, occupying an area of about 115 square kilometers. Viewed from afar, its cathy Da'e and Er'e hills stand side by side in quite a symmetry, long and thin like the delicate eyebrows of a beautiful maid, hence the name, which literally means "the charming eyebrow of a beautiful main" in Chinese.

The long extending range of Mt. Emei lies between Mt. Liangshan and Mt Laishan, referred to as "Mr Emei block belt" in geology. In its very long development, the mountain has gone through various ice invasion, waters erosion, and wind weeping of the nature, and finally presents itself with a rich diversify of miraculous scenes. The altitude difference of thousands meters brings about a temperature drop as sharp as 15 ℃, and atop the mountain, it is rainy and foggy, with an average of 263.5 raining days a year, hence the mountain is veiled behind misty clouds almost all year round, and it is a rare opportunity to have clear glimpse of the entire mountain. 

Mount Emei is a world famous site of tourism, with a miraculous view for each of its hills and a surprise every few steps. There are the recognized top 10 scenes of Sunny Clouds over Luofeng Peak, Evening Bells at Shenji Monastery, Clear Sound under Twin Bridges, Morning Rain at Hongchun Terrace, Autumn Breeze over Baishui Monastery, Nine Sages' Residence, Elephant Pond in Moonlight, Overhanging Greenery at Linyan Rock, Snow World at Daping Monastery, and Buddha's Halo at Golden Summit. There are the four natural wonders of Buddha’s Halo, Sea of Cloud, Sunrise, and Holy Lamps. And there are the series of interesting sites such as Nation Dedicating Temple, Tiger Taming Temple, Myriad Years Temple, Clear Sound Pavilion, Immortal Peak Temple, Elephant Bathing Pond, Hongchun Terrace, and Golden Summit.

Featured with the graceful natural beauty, the long Buddhist culture, the rich resources of wild life, and the singular topography, Mount Emei wins itself the honor of "Top Elegance under the Sun". 

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