Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha is a huge statue of Maitreya cut out of a hill in accordance with the terrain, an amazing project in the 8th century that lasted for 90 years. The statue measures 71 meters in total height, or 59.96 meters for its sitting proper, which entitles itself as the tallest stone carved statue of Maitrya in the world. The carving is smooth and proportional, and the Buddha looks solemn and majestic. On the cut-out walls at its south and north sides are over 90 stone figures cared in Tang Dynasty, of which the shrine "Sutra Illustration of Pure Land" and "Trinity Buddha" are particularly cherished of their high artistic values.

The Giant Buddha in Leshan, Sichuan

The surrounding of Leshan Gain Buddha combines the charm of both the mountain and the rivers. Moreover, it integrates both the beauty of a natural heritage and the gems of human culture. Within 2.5 square kilometers there are 2 sites under Class Ⅰ state protection and 4 sites under Class Ⅱ state protection. The giant Buddha enjoys a favor of its own, lacing the historic and cultural Leshan City on the other side of the river. As the center of the scenic area, the giant Buddha is accompanied with a number of sites of interest nearby, such as the Detached Mound from the Dujiangyan Irrigation System by Li Bing in Qin Dynasty, the cliff tomb clusters of Han Dynasty, Buddhist figure carvings, pagodas, and temples of Tang and Song dynasties, as well as architectural groups of Ming and Qing dynasties. 

Leshan Giant Buddha Boat Tour

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