Great Events in Tianmen Mountain

The Tianmen Mountain, which is the world's most unique karst mountain platform, lies in the south of Zhangjiajie City. Located in more than 1,300 meters above the sea level, the cave in the Tianmen Mountain is a universally rare water-eroded karst cave, which is like a mirror looming over the cliffs and a gate accesses to the heaven. The mountain was once called Songliang Mountain. In 263 A.D. the mountain suddenly opened like a giant door, which is regarded as an auspicious sign by Sunxiu, the king of the Wu State during the Three Kingdoms Period (220 - 280 A.D). The king then renamed it Tianmen Mountain. The Tianmen Cave is high above the cliff, 131.5 meters in height, 60 meters in deep, 57 meters in width and the narrowest point of the cave is 28.03 meters, which is above the cloud all the year with trilling scenes. The beautiful Tianmen Mountain had not been known to the outside world. For developing the local tourist industry, the Zhangjiajie government has hosted many great events in the mountain since 1999. The following is a timeline of great events hosted in the Tianmen Mountain:

In 1999, world-noted Zhangjiajie World Aerobatics Competition was held in Tianmen Mountain, which was the first achievement of human flight through the natural cave, still make countless people remember.

In 2006, the Russian Air Force warriors flew through the Tianmen Cave, made the breathtaking flight performances. They also wanted to take the challenge of flying the heavy fighters SU-27 through the Hole, which is canceled under the pressure of huge risks and environmental protection.

In 2007, The French adventurer, spiderman Alan Robert took one of his biggest risky challenge to climb the cliff of the Tianmen Cave without protection, performed a rock success as an amazing a precipice ballet.

In 2008 and 2009, the descendant of Dawazi Craft Saimaiti thrillingly Challenged walking on 39 degrees slope of steel wire successfully, hanging by a thread。

In March 2010, the world's most outstanding high walking prince Swiss Freddie Nork, together with Saimaiti, challenged more than 40 degrees slope mountain steel wire cable attempting to conquer human high altitude steel wire walking limit eventually dropped out because of the difficulty.

In 2011, the Red Bull wing outfit flew through Tianmen Mountain performance was held by Zhangjiajie Government, designed to let the world know zhangjiajie better, to speed up the pace of zhangjiajie developing into the world.

On October 13th - 18th, 2012, the World Wingsuit Alliance and Zhangjiajie government hosted the First World Wingsuit Championship in Tianmen Mountain.

On October 13th 2013, the Second World Wingsuit Championship was held in Tianmen Mountain.

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