Zhangjiajie China Travel News

  • Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Will Open To Visitors

    The world's longest and highest glass bridge will open to visitors Saturday in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, central China, the management committee said.The 430-meter long, 6-meter wide bridge, paved with 99 panes of three-layer transparent glasses, hangs between two steep cliffs 300 meters above the ground.The bridge has set 10 world r ...

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  • Zhangjiajia Wulingyuan Glass Bridge is Set to Open in May

    Cue the sweaty palms.Travelers will soon be able to walk across the world's longest and highest glass-bottom bridge, which spans two cliffs in China's Hunan province.This week, workers were photographed installing the bridge's first piece of glass.Set against dramatic landscapes in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the bridge is 430 met ...

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  • France 5 Shot A Documentary in Zhangjiajie

    At the invitation of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan District Tourism Administration, the France 5 had shot a great documentary in Zhangjiajie from May 11 to May 17. The crew of the television not only shot the beautiful scenic areas in the national park, like the Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Yellow Stone Village, Golden Whip Stream, but also sh ...

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  • Flight from Wuhan to Zhangjiajie Open

     Okay Airways has today announced it will operate a daily flight between Wuhan and Zhangjiajie from May 15, 2015.  The flight from Wuhan  to Zhangjiajie take-off time is 09:20, arrival time of 10:40.The flight from Zhangjiajie to Wuhan take-off time is 07:40,  arrival time of 08:55.It's more convenient to tour Z ...

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  • Flight to Zhangjiajie from Guilin Goes into Operation

    Okay Airways has today announced it will operate a daily flight between Guilin and Zhangjiajie from May 15, 2015.  The flight number from Guilin to Zhangjiajie is BK 2760. Take-off time is 17:35 Guilin, Zhangjiajie arrival time of 19:20.The flight number from Zhangjiajie to Guilin is BK 2759. Take-off time is 15:20 Zhangjiajie ...

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  • Take Direct Flight to Zhangjiajie can Enjoy Tourism Preferential Policy

    Recently, according to the Shenyang Municipal Tourism Bureau, from March 29 to April 20, travelers who take the China Southern Airline's flights departing from Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Shenyang, and Qingdao to Zhangjiajie can enjoy tourism preferential treatment on the air ticket, portion of Zhangjiajie scenic area and hotels. On March 18, Zh ...

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  • Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge will Complete in This Summer

    According to reports, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, which is the world’s tallest, longest span glass bridge is being built and is expected to be completed in this summer. Design scheme shows that Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is 430 meters length in total, 6 meters wide, and with a relative height of about 300 met ...

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  • Zhangjiajie Listed in World's Top Ten "Quiet Beauty Forest"

    On March 16, several well-known sites launched the world's top ten "Quiet Beauty Forest" list for spring travel, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park ranked on the list as the sole representative of China.In addition to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the other nine forests listed in the world’s top ten "Quiet Beauty Fores ...

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