Zhangjiajie in Winter

Zhangjiajie is as beautiful as a charming fairyland in winter. Numerous ravines, peaks and sandstone pillars are covered with ice or snow. Zhangjiajie winter scenery, peak forest barrier blocking north wind, let tourists can see the scene of snow, and without severe cold of the north. Every year around December, Zhangjiajie will continue to welcome snow, one thousand peaks are covered with evergreen forest, with less sun, it seems to be more profound. Swirling snow covers thousands of mountains and eight hundred winding streams, continuous rolling mountains and precipices in the snow have the convergence of sharpness to send out a soft fruity curve. You really seem to step into a silver fairyland. The scene is so attracting that make one feel to be in a crystal palace. 

Wulingyuan in Winter

Zhangjiajie is famous for its Four Wonders - peak forest, sea of clouds, the sunrise, winter snow. They make Zhangjiajie really an ideal destination for your winter tour.

Tianmen Mountain in Winter

The reasons for visiting Zhangjiajie in winter

1. The magnificent mountains blanketed with snow in winter will enable tourists the unique experience of visiting a different Zhangjiajie.

2. Visitors will enjoy the lower price of admission tickets and cable car ticket in winter.

3. The local hotels and restaurants cut their prices by an average of 30 percent in winter.

4. It is not crowded anymore. Along the way, you can feel free to slow down or stop any time to enjoy the landscape or take a rest. 

Tianmen Mountain in Winter

Magical Zhangjiajie, as wonderful in winter!

Tianmen Mountain in Winter

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