Take Direct Flight to Zhangjiajie can Enjoy Tourism Preferential Policy

Recently, according to the Shenyang Municipal Tourism Bureau, from March 29 to April 20, travelers who take the China Southern Airline's flights departing from Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Shenyang, and Qingdao to Zhangjiajie can enjoy tourism preferential treatment on the air ticket, portion of Zhangjiajie scenic area and hotels.

On March 18, Zhangjiajie City Tourism Working Committee held tourism product description in Shenyang City. According to the relevant person in charge, among the new routes, in addition to China Southern Airline flight directly from Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Shenyang, and Qingdao to Zhangjiajie, there are flights of Eastern Airline from Wuxi and Wenzhou, flights of Jixiang Airline from Hangzhou and Kunming as well as flight from Chengdu (airline Pending) to Zhangjiajie.

During the activities, discount tickets can be ordered directly from official websites of China Southern Airline, Jixiang Airline, China Eastern Airline and other airlines. Tourists who directly flight to Zhangjiajie from the above 9 cities can enjoy the preferential policy on the related scenic area (including the scenic area transport) ticket window and the hotel reception (travel team negotiable) with their reach Zhangjiajie boarding pass, ID card or passport.

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