China's Top Ten Most Beautiful Winter Tourist Destinations

Where to go in winter? Let us have a look of China's top ten most beautiful winter tourist destinations.

1. Sanya

Sanya is the first choice for winter vacation. Sanya is not cold in the winter, where will give people the spring-like warmth.  

2. Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island is located in Beihai. There is beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. Although in the cold winter, you can also come here to enjoy the sea, sun, and sand. 

3. Gulangyu Island

A quiet island, make you feel relaxed and happy. 

4. Xiapu Tidal Flats

Stay in the beautiful seaside, temporary farewell to the bustling city. Xiapu will make you feel fresh and natural.You can also experience the pristine life of Xiapu fishermen. 

5. Fujian Pingtan Island

Here you can see Shifan, East China Sea Wonderland, Fairy well. Here was the place where God resides.

6. Long Islands

Long Islands are surrounded by the sea, where is warm in winter and cool in summer, known as " Fairy Mountains on the Sea ". 

7. Qingdao in Shandong 

Located relying on the mountain and near the sea, Qingdao has a pleasant climate. It is a paradise for dream and is one of the most livable cities.

8. Zhejiang Dongtou

Dongtou is located along the southeast coast of Zhejiang, is the most primitive natural resort. There are authentic small fishing village and natural landscape, is a well-known eco-tourist destination.

9. Zhoushan

Zhoushan Islands are China's largest archipelago. There are unique geographical environment and unique natural natural scenery, is absolutely a hidden "Shangri-La".


Zhuhai is a city relying on the river and the sea. With sub-tropical island scenery, it is the envy resort of the world.

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