First Winter Snow in Zhangjiajie

On December 12, Zhangjiajie experienced the baptism of the first winter snow. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Wulingyuan Core Scenic, Tianzishan and other scenics had become clad in silvery white. After entering the winter, in the major scenic spots of Zhangjiajie, red leaves, yellow leaves, green leaves coexist with the peculiar physiognomy peak forest, which had created a stained storied late autumn picture. As the arrival of the first snow of this winter, Zhangjiajie entering into a fairy tale world. 

First Winter Snow in Zhangjiajie

After the snow in Zhangjiajie, mountains and plains are so beautiful, so fascinating. Twists and turns up the mountain heights, each turned a corner, to see a different landscape, the higher the mountain, the more breathtaking scenery along the way people praise. When arrived near the top fast, the vision is very broad, far as the eye looked, Toyama phosphorus times crowded, no end, a vast expanse of heaven and earth, whether trees or grass, whether mountain or plain, all white as holy as and noble. Looked down, bottomless canyon, virtual pregnant Manxiong. 

Tianmen Mountain in Winter


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