Ink and Wash Zhangjiajie Art Exhibition

On January 28, the “Ink and Wash Zhangjiajie” landscape painting exhibition was held on the Green Maple Art Museum in Guangzhou. On the exhibition, more than one hundred paintings of Yang Jing, the famous landscape painter & the founder of Wuling Painting School are on display.

"Zhangjiajie Clouds Sea", "Wulingyuan Xianju," "Baofeng Fairy Lake", "Wuling Xian Yuan" and so on works make the beautiful scenery of the world natural heritage in Zhangjiajie show most vividly. The exhibition will free open to the public to February 11. So far, the exhibition has attracted many industry professionals from around Beijing, Shenzhen, Changsha, Guangzhou etc. as well as many Guangzhou citizens. Yang Jing’s painting works are highly acclaimed.

Ink and Wash Zhangjiajie Art Exhibition

Yang Jing now is the President of Zhangjiajie Painting and Calligraphy Academy and consultant of Korean Calligraphy Art Association. Meanwhile, he is the academic advisor of Guangdong International Chinese Calligraphy Seminar, major creative staff of China Literature & Art United Calligraphy Exchange Center as well as First-Class Artist.

According to Yang Jing, it is the second time he holds Zhangjiajie landscape painting exhibition in China. Next, he will also visit France and the United States to hold Zhangjiajie Art Exhibition. He hopes that he can show the beauty of Zhangjiajie and tell the story of Zhangjiajie to international friends with the special manifestation of art.

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